Name: 'Just' Jon
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Archetype: Vigilantejoel-tlou.png
Location: Garaway's House of Fortune
Affiliations: Bouncer/guards
Disposition: Impatient

Character Background and Description

Grizzled and homely, 'Just' Jon is not a man to mess with. Although he might not be the sharpest person, Jon is the resilient product of a society and a world that doesn't give him a second thought. Jon's body is riddled with scars, bruises, burns, and boils - the former from his work and the latter from his genetics. His arms are heavily tattooed, as is customary with the bouncers in Garaway's, and his mid-length beard hides a blunt chin.

Jon is a simple man. He does not talk about his past, but he's old enough to remember some true turmoil before the feudal lords took over, and it's clear he spent some quality time with violence. Having a conversation with Jon can be incredibly one-sided, as he sticks to single-syllable words whenever possible. He can be considered fairly volatile, often throwing people out without much provocation or patience.

Jon's equipment is very spartan. He keeps a long, short-handled machete on him at all times, a pair of sturdy boots, and otherwise standard vigilante fatigues. He lives hand to mouth, spending his earnings on the necessary medicine and rations he needs to survive.

If anything would be said to motivate Jon, it would be the establishment of a legitimate military service. He dreams of being a leader, but his turbulent attitude makes it impossible for him to garner allies. He works towards it but is constantly thwarted by himself, which brings him - not infrequently - to the bar.