sample_pc.png8a08018v.jpgName: Morrison
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Archetype: Laborer, Handyman
Affiliations: Laborers
Disposition: Womanizer, Helpful, A fool

Character Background and Description
"I'd Rather be laughing and laying every woman I see than sit around broading about some dome plague. You should try it sometime." - Morrison

A rather tall and laid back man, Morrison was raised in the slums seeing the despair sinking in more and more to those with the plague like him. Much like many of the children, he was raised by any living relatives he still had, in his case his uncle Bently Morrison. Bently being one of the few members of their area who seemed to not pay the plague or economic disparity any mind. Instead he spent all of his free time chatting up ladies in the local bars or making up ways to keep a young Morrison entertained. On the day that the plague would take Bently, his final words to Morrison was to remember life was a big game for those above the clouds and they hate to see people like the two of them who were winning.

Morrison took this ideology with him into his later teens, trying his best to keep on laughing off his problems and getting those around him to do so as well. This also lead to him becoming somewhat of a handyman in the local area, earning him the nickname "Odd Job" Morrison. That and his friends making fun off him for sleeping around with beautiful and not so beautiful girls alike, "Someone has to take those odd jobs I guess".

Helping out around town has also left him with a small following of people who constantly support his ideology, but also gaining him some push back from those who thrive off of the bad spot of those in poor health, after overworking themselves.