Category: Commercial
Size: Stretches the size of the entire old baseball complex
Condition: Each vendor varies but the park still has foliage and is fairly well maintained.
Inhabitants: Countless vendors.

For those looking for random odds and ends, or simply looking for some cheap shopping, 5th street flea is there for you. Scores of vendors fill the old baseball park, looking to make a quick buck selling what they don't need, or what they scavenge from the old parts of town. The vendors set up here use everything from tents to tepees, and in the winter the odd igloo has been known to appear. New vendors are welcome but it can be difficult to gather enough product to actually sell, not to mention a shelter to put it all under. While most of these individuals are honest citizens looking for a bit of extra cash, some dubious items can be found and purchased within the park. Some illicit items, including firearms and drugs have been known to change hands, and you must be careful to not interrupt the wrong deal inside these closed tents.