CentralPrime Market.jpg

Central Prime gets busy around this hour. It’s the perfect time because that's when all the traders and artist want to display all of their goods and art for everybody to see. It's perfect for finding workable materials or artist inspiration. I’m finally motivated to create something but I don’t know exactly what to create with the ideas I have now. I haven’t seen all of what Central Prime has yet to offer on account I’ve just started looking into this sea of people. I’ve been to other markets before but a market on a Baleshi has the most variety. I decided to window shop for a bit until I find what I am looking for.

After a couple hours of searching the thought starts running through my head that I should start giving up on this wild-gooblefarb chase, until one trader that I’ve never seen in the market before approaches me with the look of intent in his eyes as I pass down one of the side alleys of the Central Prime Market. The trader was human, but was very old and decrepit. The number of wrinkles on his face looks like it came close to his actual numerical age but I try to keep myself from counting. The Old trader hollars at me, “You there yougin’, look like an artist with the vision to create, am I not right?” I stop for a second but I indulge his question with a yes and ask the old trader what he is currently selling. “Oooh a little bit of everything here and there, but I know what you already want.” , and the old man goes rummaging underneath his trade table looking for whatever he was talking about. I look around as he rummages through his storage cases of merchandise and see a variety of Shi’ Adoma which makes me think that this trader is at least culturally apparent to the location. About six minutes later the old man finally resurfaces from his abundance of random junk merchandise that looks like someone hasn't touched in years. Surprisingly, the old man does resurface with a block of some kind I his hand. The block looks strange because I have never seen a type of material like this before, especially one that.

“What's your name kid?”
“You want to make an impact on the artistic community, Fasila? You use this to make said impact.”
“What exactly is this chunk of whatever?”


“It’s a material that was found on the asteroid. Everything is up fuh grabs out there on that rock. The UNSF are very touchy with whats comes back up from there so I brought my goods to here. It’s a strong material but can still be smoothed down and shaped into whatever form. The coloring is naturally a dirty redish brown but as you can see here on the frayed edges, the polished sides will look like a brownish gold with a really nice striated finish.”

Out of all the markets I’ve looked at today, this old man's merchandise is definitely something that has caught my attention. But it’s still very strange merchandise to me. That material looks very strange but if I were to sculpt something out of it, I feel the chunk of material would produce a great looking. I ask the old trader what he wants to trade for the chunk of material; he then gave an offer that was reasonable enough where the market patrol wouldn’t have to break up a fight. I’ve seen the freelance muscle that protect the market pretty well from angered traders or unsatisfied buyers, especially the one named Kyumquat. The hen was eight foot five, and didn’t give a damn of what you were angry about. Since the price of this raw chunk of material was very reasonable I’m happy the situation didn’t have to come to involving Kyumquat. The old trader finally finishes up wrapping and bagging my chunk of material. I hand him some of my exchange goods that he deemed as a reasonable trade for the chunk of material, grab my bagged material, and start heading back to living quarters.

Once I get back to my quarters I unbag my material and start setting up an area for me to start sculpting. Once all my tools were laid out before me and ready to be used for sculpting I start to stare at the cube of material to visualize what the final vision will end of looking like. Once I vision was clear enough in my head I pick up my tools and start working away on the raw material. The material is tough but when it comes into contact with the sculpting tool and a little force; the material would give barely a ight at all. This wasn't a bad thing because I personally felt the consistency of the raw material was perfect for sculpting. I keep removing more and more of the raw material; losing its original form but transforming into another. But as I’m shaving the base to even it, The base splits a chunk of itself onto the floor. I pick it up to investigate only to find that this isn’t a raw stone material but an organic type of material. Almost like bone. The chipped base contains a softer but still solid chuck of lower surfaced bone that seems to be the marrow. I take into consideration that I possibly just bought someone's bones to make art out of but I bite the bullet and finish my sculpt anyway.

After about eight hours of sculpting, I finally take a step back from my artwork and look at the piece as a whole just to get a better perspective. The end result ended up turning into a polished Baleshi Whale Artifact. The polish really gives it great value because of the material’s striations. The fact that this might be bone; perhaps even Baleshi bone coming to think of it since the chunk of raw material was pretty huge for any other animal. I stand there appreciating my artwork but I quickly feel responsible for defacing the bone of a Baleshi. Defacing any sort of material or object that the Baleshi hold value too is one of the most heinous crimes a citizen can commit on a Baleshi vessel. The way the sculpt ended up doesnt look like it would be Baleshi bone but I’m sure there would be people who’d want to see the person who created this Baleshi Bone piece be brought to justice. But there's probably just an equal amount of people who would appreciate my artwork and actually take the subjects material at hand because the fact that the sculpture is made from Baleshi bone that just made my piece coincidentally deeper. So What I decide to do is leave from the entrance of my apartment looking for someone who might appreciate my artwork. As I just exit my apartment I notice a group of monks from Fort Wentee exploring the market on their pilgrimage. These monks seem to be nice people. I approach them and get their attention. I present the sculpture before them and their faces are left in awe. They admire the handywork that was put into this piece and try to barter with me a decent trade for the artifact without giving me a chance even elaborating on what the actual piece is or made of. I give them a price that would cover the original price of the chunk of material, happily exchange trade with the monks, and walk on back through the markets looking for some more workable material and artist inspiration.