The first time, it happened in the upper floors of Nautilus. Park was called up by management for his noticeably high interest in AR and was asked about joining their advertisement patch program. Park declined, not wanting to taint his enjoyment of the AR experience with monetization, and was sent back to the lower levels to continue working. On his way to the elevator, he spotted her—the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, at the other end of the hall. Her short, black hair accentuated her features in a way that kept Park staring. He didn't even hear the elevator door open or feel the people leaving it pushing past him. After a minute, she noticed his gaze and scoffed loud enough for him to hear before walking away.

The second time it happened, he was walking back to the Hives from LazAR Tag with his friends. They were laughing, having a good time. One of his friends brought up the rumors of a place where you can swap your body with someone else, and they were pondering its existence when a breeze pushed back the hair of the woman walking the other way. Park immediately recognized her and stopped walking, watching her make her way down the street.
“You good, Park?” One of his friends noticed his sudden stillness.
“Yeah, go on without me. I'll meet you guys back at home.” Without waiting for a response, Park turned and ran after the woman. “Excuse me!” He called out to her as she stopped at a street crossing.
She turned, and Park was again frozen in place. “What?” She studied his face for a few seconds before sighing to herself. “Oh great, you're that kid that was staring at me at Nautilus. Well, what do you want?”
Taken aback by her bluntness, Park stuttered out, “Uh, I'm Park. Park Seung-Hae.”
“Cool.” She points at the timer on the crosswalk. “You have until that changes and I can start walking again to say what you want.”
A sense of urgency filled Park, and without stutter he said, “You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and I wanted to ask if you'd like to go out with me sometime!”
The timer counts down to zero. “Not interested. Sorry, kid.” She turned away from him and walked across the street, continuing on her path unhindered.
Park walked dejectedly back to his friends, who had all stayed to watch. “Damn, that's rough. Sorry man.” They patted him on the back and continued walking back to the Hives, trying to talk about funny things to lift their friend's spirits to no avail.

The third time it happened, Park was out shopping for a personalized automated helper to ease the burden five kids placed on his parents. He was mostly window shopping, but when most stores put the fanciest and most expensive items on display, it's hard to get a feel for the low end of things. He decided to enter the next electronics store he passed, and was shocked to see the woman from Nautilus standing outside, peering into the store. He slowed his pace as he approached, and she saw him out of the corner of her eye.
“Really? What, are you following me now?”
Park held his hands up. “I'm just doing some shopping.”
She side eyed him, one eyebrow lowered. “And you just so happened to run into me again?”
“Just so happened.”
She shrugged. “Fine, whatever. You coming or not?” With that, she stepped into the store and Park followed suit. She walked around the whole store and looked over every type of helper, from the small vacuum-like helpers to the human-sized ones. The whole time she was in the store, she looked completely out of her element.
“Is something wrong?” Park finally spoke up, making the woman jump.
“Uh, it's nothing. I'm just...not used to this kind of thing.”
Park spotted the man behind the counter getting ready to come help and shook his head at him. The man looked between Park and the woman and winked at Park, taking his seat back behind the counter.
“Here, why don't I help you out with that?”
“Please.” She said it instantly, and held her hand up to her mouth before she cleared her throat. “I mean, sure.”
Park walked her through the helpers in the store, informing the woman of their price, model, capabilities, and everything else he could think of. The whole time, she carefully listened, taking in the information. Near the end, Park made a joke about one of the models and the woman chuckled. At that, the man behind the counter gave Park a thumbs up behind her back.
Eventually, she settled on a medium-sized helper, and the two left the store after she purchased it.
“Thank you for your help, Park. I haven't had a lot of time to do house chores, and it's starting to show.”
“No problem, glad I could help.” He looked up at the sky, just now realizing how dark it had become. “Uh oh, I need to go home and cook dinner!”
“Wait, weren't you out here shopping for something too?”
Park put his head in his hands on embarrassment. “Right, I forgot to get a helper on my own.”
The woman shuffled a little, then cleared her throat again. “Well, since it's my fault you forgot, it's only fair that I come with you when you come to buy it next time. Say, tomorrow after work?”
Park looked up at the woman and gave her a radiant smile. “Sure thing!”
The woman smiled back and turned the other way, then stopped a few feet away. “Myung-Hwa. I'm Myung-Hwa Song.”