Category: Industrial
Size: 10 Stories; 300,000 sq. ft.
Condition: Fair
Inhabitants: Agricultural Engineers

A Place Like Home Terraforming is the only terraforming industry who has successfully been able to create livable space on the moon, therefore cementing itself as the only terraforming company in the market. They were contracted by the US government to use their patented terraforming techniques to create a colony for the moon which later became Neo Miami. Their main industrial complex produces all of the chemicals and equipment needed to create livable environments in otherwise uninhabitable areas. The factory itself is divided into separate buildings, each specializing in a different part of the terraforming business: enclosure, atmosphere, soil, botany, automation, and management.

Recent innovations made in the automation department have reduced the demand for manual laborers for the terraforming process. This has in turn caused significant layoffs in the company, and an increase in productivity and profitability that has mostly benefited the company’s shareholders.