The quiet is getting to be a bit much. There’s a low murmur coming from all over, people talking in hushed tones, but whenever it gets too loud one of the workers here gives that soul-withering glare, the kind that only belongs to disappointed parents, librarians, and people that deal with idiots. At the very least, they seem too scared to say anything to me. But I need to break the quiet before I shoot someone.

“Hey, Freddy, how much longer we gonna be here? When they asked me to play babysitter I thought you were gonna go somewhere interesting, not to the library. Who am I supposed to shoot here?” The man I’m talking to startles from his newspaper for a moment, then starts shifting his eyes around to see if anyone’s nearby. Honestly, as if I wouldn’t have shot any threats before they got that close. He’s got that look of a man who’s too wealthy to show his age, but recent stress seems to have set in and his eyes have deep bags under them. I realize he’s started talking a moment too late and try to refocus on what he’s saying.

“-that brute said that I needed to do my part to recover the vial, so I’m looking up the news stories to see if I can find when it was taken. Just keep me safe so I can finish this up and go home, I never wanted to be caught up in this.”

“First of all, I would hardly call Rico a brute. Mans a total softy, he only ever shoots people when he’s working. Secondly, relax. No one’s gonna shoot up a library,” well, I might, but that’s more of winding down after a stressful day kind of thing, and he doesn’t need to hear that, “so you can stop twitching like you’ve already been shot. Look, you’re a partner of the family, despite all this recent business, so we’re not gonna let anything happen to you. Hell, Alex even gave me this sweet piece when he gave me the job.” I take a moment to pull out my newest toy, the special revolver I’d been given. I’ve never been a revolver kind of gal, since I prefer that amount of lead an automatic weapon can send downrange, but then that isn’t an issue with this gun. The weight in my hand still gave that warm feeling of being in control even after all these years, as well as the accompanying itch to fire a few rounds. I’m careful to keep proper trigger discipline though.

For some reason seeing me wave around a gun doesn’t seem to calm Freddy down. For that matter, the whole library seems to get a bit quieter. At least Freddy isn’t looking around so nervously. Now his eyes are firmly locked on the gun in my hand. “I- is that loaded?” Great, now his voice is shaking. He’s gonna be a lot more annoying to talk to now.

“Hey, give me some credit, I’m not some irresponsible moron. Of course the gun is loaded.” That doesn’t seem to reassure him either, but it does seem to have motivated him to work faster based on how frantically he’s looking through these papers. Honestly, I’m not sure I could unload the gun. It seemed to work just fine when it was empty when I took it to the range for testing. It’s a neat trick, but working directly for Alex, and more importantly his sister Shura, has made me pretty accepting of all this weird shit. Shit, I’m losing focus again, need to pay attention to making sure this job goes right.
Not that it’s that hard. The police aren’t gonna try to take me out in the middle of a library, they’re not quite that desperate yet, and Freddy isn’t such a priority that they’ll tangle with me to get at him. Really that’s the worst part of this job, just the fact that I’m on it means it’s unlikely to turn into the type of job I want to be on. Alex made it sound so interesting when he gave me the job, but then that’s what Alex does – he sells shit and convinces you it’s a diamond.

But the library is still boring, and even worse, it’s gotten quiet again. The same low murmuring, but this time with an edge of fear to it. People are obviously afraid of the crazy girl with a gun, but I’m known enough that they won’t call the cops. They’re all too afraid of the family. And to be honest, as afraid as they are they would be even more terrified if they knew the truth. Hell, even Freddy here doesn’t know the truth of the family, and he’s caught up in the weird shit now. For a moment I think about how I would be if I wasn’t part of it all, if I was just some scared girl without any of the crimes and threats that always hang over me. Then the moment passes, and I go back to looking for a way to break the quiet.