The bustling streets of Garago are covered in a sea of different species of humans, aliens and all in between. The roar of the crowd on the city is enough to make one forget they are hurling through space on a giant asteroid. The streets reak with the stench of hundreds of different foods and inhalants coming from the venders of all races.

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The Trade City Garago

With a deep sigh she walked through the streets, eyes darting around every few steps; each a very stiff, almost mechanical, march onward. Sweat dripping from her brow, she was almost as pale as the small Domoring group skittering by her legs. Bumping into one the two leapt apart, the Domoring’s spine flared with spikes and a slight transparency to it’s skin. She was on the ground, breath held, terrified of the creature in front of her.

“Come one come all! Cheap UNSF Baked Potatoes for sale! Get ‘em while they’re hot!”, a man’s voice pierced the wave of voices in the crowd.

The Domoring retracted its spine and ran back to its group, all now eagerly gathering around the man’s stand. With a sigh she finally released her held breath and pushed herself to her feet. Looking over her shoulder she catches a glimpse two figures ducking back behind the corner.

“Still following me…Guess nobody thinks this is gonna go well.” she whispered to herself as she looked to her surroundings. From her coat she pulled a small notebook, bumping her hand against the cold metal two guns on her waist.

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Farrah Gazing out at the city

Journal Entry 003
It’s my third day in this hell hole they threw me, after the hearing in the Situation Room up at command. They just had to catch on to the tuna scam from a few month back; I guess I can’t use that one too many times before they catch on. Unfortunately, or I guess for my parent’s sake i’m pretty lucky, a friend of father managed to appeal for a security mission down here. It’s a job I “can’t possibly mess up”, supposedly, and my “last chance” before they have to take drastic action. God I Just want to go back to the Pinta, I never had to get involved with weird aliens or deal with this crazy place. Everywhere I look, disturbing..monstrous looking creatures are running around, but nobody is reacting to them at all. Just now a Domoring, practically half my size, looked as though it was about to kill me.

Am I really cut out for all this military business? How am I supposed to protect anybody when I can’t even stay on my feet when looking at a tiny little thing like that. What if the war with those Baleshi things actually happens. Forget the Domoring, a lone Machento could probably kill me and then a dozen more people before we do anything to stop it.

I don’t sound too soldier-like either I guess. I should probably just let them fire me. Father and Mother may be mad, but at least I won’t be embarrassing them anymore.

Before She knew it she had wandered into an unfamiliar area and her guardians missing. The noise had died down along with the crowd leaving her finally with an ominous peace; only serving to leave her more anxious than before. Stashing her journal away, with shaky hands she unwrapped a potato she had bought earlier, still warm and its caramel-like scent soothing her nerves. What was left of her color, left her as a strange brushing ran across her shoulder, revealing a long extending nose, wheezing sporadically. She leapt from her skin away from the creature, dropping her food and journal onto the ground, scrambling for her belt as she tripped over her feat. Her hands finally latched onto one of the two metal objects strapped to her waist and she ripped it from her belt, but landing her on the ground.

She pointed her hands, gun in hand at the creature, her head cocked away from the sight of it, as her trembling finger squeezed the trigger, letting out a loud thump. But nothing more came. A silence remained, only pierced by her hyperventilating breathe and the continued sound of wheezing. She turned to see that her weapon had been an old antique which she had received from her parents. The dangerous object did not hurt target nor wielder this time however, and left her defenseless.

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Creature approaching Farrah in Alley

She shook as the gun fell from her hand, tears welling in her eyes. She squeezed them tight, waiting for the end. But it never came. The Caramel-like smell from earlier had returned to her, as she opened her eyes to see the creature handing her the fallen food. The strange seahorse looking creature hovered slightly above the ground, bouncing somewhat sporadically, it’s head tilting, as if to size her up. After a few moments, it finally broke the prior silence.

“Hey what is that thing?! It smells really good! Do you have any more? Are you gonna finish it?” The strange creature’s voice squeaked as it bombarded her with questions. A growl emanated from the creature, finally silencing it’s assault. “Oh man am I hungry.”

“Uh…”, mind racing she grasped for words.

“Hey you’re from those giant stone Baleshi’s right? What did you people call them again? UNSF Sheeps? What’s a Sheep by the way?”


“Oh right?! I’m Alith! Alith Exon professional courier. Who are you?”

“Farrah…”Slowly backing away as she gets up.

“Fa-rawr? That’s a weird name huh?” It moves closer, stomach still releasing an intense growl. “Uhhhhh, I should’ve eaten before I left this morning…”

The woman looks down to potato and back to her strange new acquaintance.“Umm, would this be fine?”, slowly extending the potato out, fingers barely gripping it.

“REALLY?!!! Are you sure?!”

“Y-yeah I guess, It’s not too expensive to get another. I think I lost my appetite freaking out anyways” she said, slowly descending into a whisper.

“THANK YOU!!!”, He rubs his head against her arm like a pet and then snatches the
potato, gobbling it down quickly.

“WOWWW these are great! You guys get to eat this every day?”

“I guess, they’re not too special though.”

“UNSF sure are amazing huh? Maybe I should…” Alith stops before entering a panicked dance. “Holy Primarch Eternal! I have to finish my delivery!” He exclaims as he rushes off into the distance. “Thanks Fa-Rawr, We should get food together again sometime!”

“...Sure?” She lets out a meak wave and voice as she watches the mysterious creature rush down the street, slowly filling with people. She peers around and finds both her parent’s present along with her journal.

These Aliens are really strange.
But maybe they’re actually harmless?

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