Category: Farming Item
Size: Hand-held
Weight: 1lb
Value: High (for farmers), but Low for everyone else


The AFS, Advanced Farm System, is a small hand-held device that resembles a tablet from pre-WWIII times. The device allows farmers to track how well their crops are growing. Using small electronic pulses to communicate with tiny sensors buried into the ground, the device can detect if crops are getting too dry, too wet, need more/less sunlight, if there are any mutated crops growing, etc.

Developed by the tech savvy citizens of Gator Bay, the AFS is used primarily by the Farming Tribe and has made growing crops infinity easier. Though, the device has been around for at least five or so years, it works with an accuracy of about 85%.

Those behind the AFS are currently working on implementing the technology into other tribes, for uses in detecting illness or even fertility, though that kind of technology is probably a long time away.