Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 3.58.01 AM.pngName: Aaron Vargas
Age: 26 (actually 16)
Sex: M
Profession: IT-worker/ Hacker
Location: Unknown
Affiliations: Independent-contractor, Grey-not mafia or police affiliated/supportive, anti-government
Disposition: Erratic, narcissistic, ambitious, antisocial

Character Background and Description

Aaron Vargas, known online as [corleone], is an infamous hacker and conspiracy theorist presumably residing in Brookhaven, OR. That or he has a very detailed network of contacts within the city. Or both. Vargas has established a cult following amongst young viewers across the country for his well-supported theory that the local mafia might not be human. Vargas has compiled a massive amount of video, audio and witness accounts all supporting his claim. The video and audio are obviously low quality, but one of his early videos of a police-mafia confrontation during a warehouse raid with the mafia appearing to be shot and standing back up again went viral on mainstream internet. The police have neither confirmed nor denied his claims, but a subsection of the Intelligence Division is dedicated solely to his blog and analyzing his material (which of course he knows and takes that as validation). The Kulza Family’s stance on his activism is unknown. Vargas himself is an unknown, cutting off contact with his family during college and cutting ties with everyone after moving to Brookhaven. Public records lists him as an IT technician at a local software company but no one has ever seen or spoken to him before. Despite this, a biweekly check to a redacted address is reported in the companies ledgers. Whoever Vargas is, he will stop at nothing before validating his claims and proving once and for all that humans are not alone.

[A strike team has, on multiple accounts, been sent to silence Mr. Vargas however he has proven most elusive even to the vast resources of the Kulza family. At this point the Family likens him to a crow, tugging at a hawks tail feathers- an interesting individual but a nuisance.]

Aaron Vargas is in fact only 16 years old and still living at home. He has carefully crafted an older image to throw off pursuers from both sides, why though remains a mystery. Why is a 16-year-old so invested in exposing the local mafia?