Name: Abel
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Profession: Scavenger
Location: No permanent location, but can usually be found looking for carcasses on the outskirts of the Wildlife Sanctuary
Affiliations: Scavenger tribe
Disposition: Erratic, directionless, disorganized

Character Background and Description

One of the unlucky few to be kidnapped by the lake tribe and sacrificed to Lucky, Abel fell into Dead Horse Bay on a stormy afternoon when the sacrificial boat overturned in a strong gust of wind. Presumed to be dead, he escaped (or rather, was taken in the current) and turned up on the southern shores near the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary a few days later, filthy, soaking wet, and nearly dead. After he was discovered by a scavenger on the outskirts of the sanctuary, Abel was adopted into their tribe despite not having any noticeable physical mutations of any kind, and has been raised amongst the scavengers since the age of eleven.Although many will argue otherwise, Abel is one of the few who believes the scavengers have psychic abilities and have the ability to foresee the future, and he looks up greatly to the one known as Gandalf, despite never meeting him in person.

Scatterbrained and unsettlingly fascinated with death, Abel enjoys cleaning animal skeletons and collecting the bones, often making small bracelets or necklaces of them in his free time. He wears a twine necklace with several small teeth and claws hanging from it, as well as a bracelet of fox teeth on his left wrist. Though he has no time for luxuries such as romance or interpersonal relationships of any kind, it should be noted that Abel is bisexual.

Abel was one of the few "miracle births" of Gator Bay, born from two supposedly infertile parents. He has little to no memory of what tribe he belonged to prior to being kidnapped, but from his mannerisms and loose, limited vocabulary, it's obvious that Abel lacked any formal education growing up, suggesting he belonged to a lower-class tribe such as the miners, artisans, or scavengers. He doesn't quite have a handle on social niceties or what sort of comments and behaviors are considered appropriate vs. inappropriate, but within the confines of his tribe, this never causes issues. Perhaps someone outside of the scavenger’s tribe would say that the trauma of being nearly sacrificed and immediately nearly drowning has something to do with his warped view of reality, but to Abel, none of his tribemates seem out of the ordinary to him, physically or mentally.

In stature, Abel is much more gaunt than someone of his age should be, with hollowed, angular cheeks and messy dark hair. He’s roughly 5’11” and is rather scrawny, so he often wears baggy, misshapen clothes to hide his bony form. Unusually cold most of the time, he wears several layers of poorly-made cloaks and ponchos on top of each other, a thick, furred scarf made of the scraps of old rabbit pelts, baggy patchwork cloth pants, and worn-down short leather boots.