Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.05.50 AM.pngName: Addie
Race: Fae
Age: ???
Sex: Female
Profession: Gardening
Location: Bubbles of Fae
Affiliations: Fae
Disposition: Quirky and Meddlesome

Character Background and Description
Addie, though appearing to be only 7 has been alive for several centuries. Her jet-black hair, contrasts her abnormally light eyes. She stands at 4 feet tall and is constantly overlooked by her quiet demeanor. However, Addie has a flair for pranks and is much smarter than she appears. Due to this, many foreigners endure her antics. Addie’s family contain many artistic-based powers. Due to this trait, many of her family members are able to use Addie’s paintbrush. Rarely leaving her side, the paintbrush allows Addie to create objects once drawn. Primarily naturalistic, Addie’s passions lie in gardening. The harsh maritime climate of Nova Scotia, keep most crops and wildlife from thriving. However, with Addie’s tools, the dirt can flourish in no time.

Addie’s greatest possession is her cat, Snickers. Although she is unable to speak to him like some fae, their strong connection is impenetrable in her eyes. The cat usually stays within the realm of Addie’s house, but occasionally comes out to the pub with her. Addie’s house lies just outside the National Park, by Warren Lake. She is able to help out the few park rangers located there, to restore any endangered plant life and help ensure thriving habitats for the animals in the area. Addie has few other passions of girls her age, and tends to stay reclusive. However, this new trend of grudge fashion has become a favorite of hers. Her house also remains littered with various Chia Pets of kittens, teddy bears, turtles, and bunnies.