Name: Agnes Momouth external image Rebeccalanier.jpg
Age: 46
Sex: Female
Archetype: Bartender, Elder
Location: Mudgapper Pub
Affiliations: Loyal ties to bar regulars, disdain for authority
Disposition: No-nonsense, blunt, superstitious, inhibited

Character Background and Description
Agnes owns and manages the Mudgapper Pub, but due to significant debts owed to loan sharks, she remains very poor. Agnes has been infected with the plague for most of her life, but her body has built up a tolerance to most medications so she relies on spiritual healing and herbology to manage her symptoms. Due to her age and command for respect, Agnes is seen as a respectable elder in both the local and wider communities.

Agnes was born and raised in the slum district of Columbus, but always dreamed of more. A child of ambition, Agnes took over her Haitian father's failing fish market at the age of 16 and transformed it into a roaring success seemingly overnight. Her strong will and intolerance for disrespect earned the trust of locals and traders alike, and eventually the Mudgapper Pub's reputation as a hotspot for trade (legal and otherwise), networking, and information exchanges.

Agnes married at the age of 26 to Wes Tussen, a local with influential ties and charm. When Agnes became pregnant with her daughter, Alana, she handed the reigns to her husband to manage the Pub. Alana was born healthy, without any signs of infection. The Pub didn't fare so well. Under Wes, the Mudgapper Pub became a hotbed for illegal gambling, illicit drug use, and other criminal activity. Wes himself had concealed his own gambling addiction from Agnes during the early years of their relationship. Eventually Wes died in an altercation with a patron belonging to a violent river gang passing through the area. Around the same time, Wes & Agnes' home water supply had been contaminated with the plague. Unconfirmed rumors suggest the water was poisoned in a revenge plot against Wes. Alana, then aged 4, suffered severe complications from the plague. Agnes loaned enormous sums from loan sharks in order to purchase experimental medications for her daughter and also to maintain the Pub. Her efforts were futile and Alana succumbed to illness at age 10.

Agnes never recovered from the debt she incurred attempting to save her daughter's life. There are still traces of criminal activity at the Pub, and Agnes reluctantly allows drug users to congregate at the bar in return for a share of all transactions (in order to pay back loan interest). For the most part, though, the Pub is a much calmer place due to Agnes' zero tolerance policy for disrespect.