Name: Akio
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Profession: Repair Industry Magnate
Location: West Docks
Affiliations: Naval Repair and Engineering Guilds
Disposition: Uptight, Snooty, a

Character Background and Description
Formally a dockhand who struck good fortune, Akio now owns a large portion od the West Dock’s Engineering and Repair industry. He has since lost respect for many of the dock hands he worked aside and a majority of the wealth and power has gone to his head. Akio came to America from Japan alone with no family, he slowely worked up the ranks, bought into small and then big business, and then aquired almost through luck, a large portion of the industry. Despite knowing their struggles he often stands as if he is taller than the workers beneath his reign and raises taxes on smaller businesses accordingly. He has no patience for underground business and knowing a great deal of what went on at lower rankings, tries to snuff out smaller ventures as quick and as efficiently as possible.