Name: Alesso
Age: 200
Sex: Androgynous (tends to think of 'himself' as male)
Profession: Butler/Head of staff
Location: The Signorino estate

Affiliations: Automata, The Signorino family

Disposition: Old, quiet, professional

Character Background and Description
Alesso is one of the oldest automata in Madrenice, if not one of the oldest individuals in the city overall. The clockwork butler served the Signorino family for 200 years. He oversees keeping track of the family’s schedules and commands the other automata that comprise the household’s staff. Although he does not function as well as he used to and needs maintenance with increasing frequency to keep functioning, the Signorino family holds onto him as they consider him a significant family heirloom and part of the family estate. However,the whole family is aware that they can’t keep repairing Alesso forever, and eventually the family would be forced to “retire” him. Although, Alesso has lived a long time, and has made his peace with his approaching death. Alesso does not own much, though he has a room to himself, his employers provide him with free maintenance and repairs, and has a few personal possessions he received from other automata and a few of the members of the household that see him as more than a machine.

Being one of the oldest automata in the city and created from one of the earliest clockwork designs, Alesso has been self-aware for a long time. However, he has a soft spot for the Signorino family, and takes his responsibilities as a butler very seriously. Alesso is also aware of the social reform movements forming among the automata and other lesser species, and secretly supports several of the changes these groups hope to bring about. Yet, he doesn’t want to go against his employers, and considers himself “too old to get involved in politics”. Consequently, he keeps his opinions to himself and is content to let the younger generation work out their own future.

Alesso follows the human Church of the Great Craftsman. He is too old to leave the estate that much, and can’t make the trip to Cattedrale Del Mestiere or any of the other churches throughout the city. However, he prays every night in his room after the rest of the household has gone to sleep (or turned off in the case of the automata).