Name:Alex Popov
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Profession: Career Criminal
Location: Little Jimmies
Affiliations: Kulva Mafia, People of Brookhaven
Disposition: Manic, Energetic,

Character Background and Description

To the people of Brookhaven, Alex Popov is a bit of an enigma. He and his twin sister Shura appeared one fine spring morning in April ten years ago. At eight years old, Alex already held the rapt attention of higher level mafia members, and consistently appeared alongside other prominent Kulva family supporters during meetings and important public events. Alex always appeared impeccably dressed, never seen without a tailor made suit and tie. While some members of the town found his antics disturbing (a young child associating with a violent organized crime syndicate could turn anyone’s head) by the time his thirteenth birthday candles had been blown out the bright eyed boy’s exuberance and overwhelming charisma had won over the hearts and minds of all but those most staunchly opposed to Kulva presence in Brookhaven.

Now 5 years later, Alex has lost that childhood innocence but has replaced it with a bouncy and upbeat personality. Despite the bad reputation that the Kulva family has regarding it’s drug trade, Alex does his best to be a shining example of a positive Family influence in Brookhaven. He attends charitable events regularly, and donates large portions of his ill-gotten wealth into attempts at reforming the Brookhaven school system. As an orator, townies have ascribed him an almost preternatural ability to convince and captivate listeners.

As a figurehead of Kulva presence within the city, Alex has lived through multiple different attempts on his life. He has his sister Shura to thank for his continued survival, and he is never seen without his twin sister and bodyguard by his side.