Hooded Girl.jpgName: Ali - also responds to Kid
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Archetype: Servant/Messanger
Location: The Outback
Affiliations: Outback/Vigilantes, Friend of Agnes
Disposition: Extremely Gracious young girl with a slim build. Does whatever you tell her.

Character Background and Description
Ali is a short (4'9) girl often refered to as Kid by the vigilantes she interacts with or the hooded girl by passerbys. She wears a tattered coat left behind by her mother and a pair of boots, quite larger than her feet.

Ali was born into a poor but loving household in the slums. Her two parents, both infected by the plague, were shocked at the fact that she seemed to escape a large amount of the plagues symptoms, though she had a hard time growing with the lack of resources. To try and save their precious gift, the two resorted to stealing when not at their usual odd jobs around the town. However this would only last until she was 7 and her parents crossed the line one to many times, landing their names on the Outback's job board. Within days they were hunted down and made to pay for their actions, with a young Ali there to bear witness to the gruesome murder of her parents.

Seeing a child in such good health managed to convince her now captors to keep her alive, but only to to be under their thumb for her parents crimes. Her jobs including keeping the building in order, preparing food, helping with jobs that required manual labor and delivering messages too and from the group. The group takes out most of their frustration on the girl and constantly reminds her of how grateful she should be to be kept alive.

For her own sake, Ali constantly smiles, for the constantly watching eyes of her owners, and keeps her hood up to hide the bruises left behind. Her work often brings her around the area of Agnes' Pub, where she tends to spend an extra hour with Agnes, who seemed to have taken an odd liking to her, possibly because of the reminder of her daughter. Agnes, even though strict, often tells her old stories of her past as well as sings old songs which gives Ali her few moments of respite. This has given her a strong love of singing and hope to one day be free to do so without having to trade beatings to hear / sing her own.