9ff93453926ba61152b7d5c18e98e03a.jpgName: Allison
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Profession: Farmer
Location: Farming Tribe Territory
Affiliations: Fertility Tribe (former), Farming Tribe
Disposition: Happy, Hard-working, Kind-hearted

Character Background and Description

Allison has blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She stands at 5 ft 10 in, and she is a lesbian.

She was raised in the Fertility Tribe and lived with her biological parents, who were both doctors at the Fertility Hospital. Never interested in childbearing or working in the hospital with her parents, Allison was an unhappy child, and, from a young age, she dreamed of working with the Farming Tribe to grow non-mutated fruits and vegetables. She has always believed that the people of Gator Bay should not be eating mutated animals. Growing up, her parents always told her that she would eventually grow out of her unhappiness, and that she would learn to appreciate childbearing.

In the Fertility Tribe, she was raised on the belief system that only males and females should have relationships, but even from a young age she knew that those types of relationships were not ones that interested her. She never told her parents she was gay because she knew it wouldn't change their minds about her predestined future.

When Allison reached the age that she was to start the childbearing process, she made the decision to run away. Knowing that she wouldn't be happy bearing or raising children, Allison sneaked away in the middle of the night, leaving behind a short note and taking as many supplies as she could carry.

Now, nearly fourteen years later, after finding refuge in the Farming Tribe, Allison lives and works with the other farmers. Her goal is to eventually grow enough plant food that the people of Gator Bay will no longer have to consume mutated animal flesh.

She has few possessions besides her farming tools, but she does keep a photograph of her family with herself at all times.