external image 3787_Show_Page.jpgName: Amos Watney
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Archetype: Shopkeep/Pirate
Location: 5th Street Flea Market (
http://worldbuilding.wikispaces.com/5th+Street+Flea+Market )
, the shipping docks, the industrial warehouse on Rt 30 on the far side of the purification plant runoff river
Affiliations: Drifters in the Water Damaged House, Sailors, Traders in the Ground Transportation District
Disposition: Cerebral

Character Background and Description
Amos runs his own stand at the 5th Street Flea Market, the front of his stand mostly serves for selling clothing or other odd trinkets he's able to barter off of the sailors at the docks, or the traders coming into town along the old Route 30. He makes a reasonable profit running this business with a few other workers who tend his shop while he's gone, and most of his wares aren't of particularly high demand. However, it's well known that Amos is one of the few citizens with enough clout and apparently enough money (despite his middle class appearance) to afford the privacy and security of a home in the Centaurus neighborhood ( http://worldbuilding.wikispaces.com/Centaurus+Neighborhood ). Upon closer inspection, one could reasonably deduce that Amos spends his off hours when he's not tending his shop or bartering with traders and sailors quietly lifting supplies from the incoming medical shipments and funding a sludge ( http://worldbuilding.wikispaces.com/Sludge ) producing house in the slums. Recently after a pirating attempt gone bad, Amos injured himself pretty badly trying to steal medical supplies and has been holed up in his house trying to run his side businesses from afar, and much to his dismay he's quite aware that his associates are taking advantage of his medical condition by not accurately reporting sales and pocketing a portion of their transactions. Amos strives to maintain his high quality of life that he's managed to attain through hard work and ambitiously carving out a market for himself, but his recent injury is putting that at risk due to the poor company he keeps. His large stockpile of goods in his house provides him some assets to help cushion his recent dip in profits, but he's even more concerned about how comfortable his associates are getting with running his business into the ground for their own gains.