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Category: Location (Space Whale)
Size:One-fifth the size of the Capital Whale, enough to hold 10% of the residential population
Condition: Cleanlier than most space whales, due to the nature of its function/role.
Inhabitants: Primarily humans and Arorem, aquaphages (special macrophages tasked with the purification and transport of internal fluids), scrubber parasites


The entire innards of Aqua Fount constitutes the Aqua Productio Facility, whose primary function in the herd is to create, refine, and distribute water to its herd brethren. The Hydro Whale, in particular, creates an excess of cysts containing a vast amount of green liquid. Human workers inside the facility (known as Water Farmers) are tasked with popping and draining the cysts from inside the whale. Once the liquid has been drained, aquaphages (specialist macrophages who can synthesize and refine the green cyst liquid into pure, drinkable water) create a thin, clear mucous layer to package a ration of water into (these packaged rations are often referred to as "droplets"). Once packaged, the aquaphages transport the droplets to aqueduct ganglions, relay vesicles that send droplets in assembly line motion through the Balesh, ultimately being shipped out to other space whales by means of exiting through the mouth tube, or the Aqua Fount's blowhole. Scrubber parasites and residential proteins maintain the back portion of Aqua Fount, where its tenants live.