external image 16042849548_8005cc4657_b.jpgCategory: Residential
Size: 4' x 5'
Weight: In null-g so weightless, but if it were under gravity around 20lbs
Value: The chest itself isn't worth much, but the contents as well as it's secret location are very important

Years ago, an Arorem cleaning the inside of Unaccountable Chariot's mouth came across a loose tooth. As time passed, the Arorem continued to visit this tooth as it steadily became more and more loose. When it eventually fell out, this Arorem collected the tooth, carved it into six interlocking panels and created a chest to store items in. Wanting to keep the contents of the chest private, this Arorem tied the chest shut and hid it among the flagellum at the back of Unaccountable Chariot, hidden from view of any passing Arorem on a cleaning pass. After securing the chest in the hidden location, the Arorem has been utilizing this secret stash for everything from trinkets or items of personal value to important resources or possibly illegal items that require smuggling and concealment.