athalia.jpgName: Athalia Flores

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Archetype: laborer
Location: lower class
Affiliations: Lower class, middle class
Disposition: independent, cautious

Character Background and Description
Athalia is a crafty, skillful women who has been taking odd jobs around town since she was a young girl. She can be seen hanging out at various abandoned ruins, trying to scavenge for parts to sell and things to fix. She makes most of her money fixing up structural problems in villagers homes, or businesses. She also does the odd job of finding - sometimes extremely dangerous - specific item requests for people around town. These items can include drugs, mechanical parts, or weapons. She loves trying to fix up old stuff as well - planes, cars, or old technology.

Born pure, unlike her parents, she was always desired by the local men, even attracting some upper class ones. Despite her parents insisting, she decided not to get married and settle down early in life, not wanting to be tied down to any one thing or person. Her parents refusal to understand and many stubborn arguments later got her kicked out at a young age. No longer able to rely on her parent’s support, she had to become reliant on herself pretty quickly. As she is so insistent on doing her own thing, she is seen as somewhat of an outlier in town.
Yet, despite all that, she is a respected community member, considered strange but kind women, and someone who gets the job done. Her independence and connections around down make her a useful trader and negotiator. She has connections almost everywhere, and is at least somewhat friendly with almost all of the locals.