Category: Medical
Size: Small jars and Viles
Weight: Extremely Light
Value: Varies on gas potency


The Bale‘Amsa (Ba-Le Ahm-sa) is a vile of condensed gas, that the Baleshi constantly emit. For those constantly seeking enlightenment, in various forms, the Bale’Amsa serve as well kept household and everyday items to aid in meditation. Some examples include, what humans coined, the L-Gas of Holistic Aberrant, which have become a popular drug amongst the humans of the UNSF who seek trade.

The drugs are extremely potent and require the user to be in constant surrounding of the Baleshi gases in order to not suffer from powerful drawbacks in the event of prolonged use. Knowing this the Baleshi have also made versions aimed to create a powerful miasma, infecting the system heavily for a short duration of time, but with the drawback coming much faster. While useful it must be handled with care.