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Category: Formerly Residential, now somewhat Religious
Size: The size of a Balesh
Condition: Long dead city preserved within a Balesh buried by thousands of years of sediment, only exposed to space when the asteroid detached from it's origin planet
Inhabitants: Arorem archeologists

The site of the dead Balesh the rest of the Baleshi are mourning. Thousands of years ago another Balesh died within the gravity well of a planet covered with the lichen. The Balesh corpse was covered with layers of sediment and eventually preserved under the layers of rock as the planet continued to form. The long-dead city within was somewhat preserved within the body, but all of it's inhabitants quickly died. When the planet cracked and the asteroid was launched into space, the dead Balesh was exposed on the surface of the Asteroid. Now, as the Balesh fleet has surrounded the site of the dead Balesh, a small number of Arorem, lead by Desma Karth, have taken it upon themselves to explore the city once contained within the gut of the dead Balesh. They're very careful to avoid disturbing any of the artifacts, but it's been a valuable source of information about how cultures on other Balesh had developed and used the resources within their Balesh to create a society.