Category: Civic
Size: 46ft x 88ft
Condition: Aged but functional
Inhabitants: Baleshian Gallery Owner & gallery artists

Located on the Numinum Pillion, this gallery is very different than your average human art gallery. The way art is made within this gallery is all through your sensory nodes which would be in sync with a helmet device that reads your nodes. The technology is a very complex design but the technique is incredibly simple but also tough to achieve. You must clear your mind of everything but your vision of your art, if your mind s cluttered with other thoughts or images your painting will turn out to look like you just emptied all the colors on a canvas and smeared it all around with your hand( just a very muddy image of what you were going for). This type of Baleshian art takes a lot of time and practice, but proves to be very rewarding for ones mental strength & focus. Even trying to replicate 3D art through this medium can be quite tough for even the very experienced.

You can go into this gallery and try your first 3 paintings for free. If your artwork is something deemed respectable, the gallery owner will display your work with other pieces hanging in the gallery that other people / species have made. Instead of making artwork you can purchase it as well.