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Size: About 1ft. tall
Weight: 25lbs
Value: Unknown

This artifact sprung up from within the darker trade of the asteroid. Carved in the shape of a Balesh, it's made of pure Balesh bone and sits atop a base made for the asteroid's ore. No one knows exactly who made the piece, but rumors that the bone originated from the dead Balesh on the asteroid are widely believed. The piece is smooth and seen as both art and a religious icon. It is both a blessing and a curse. To own an item from the Balesh is coveted, but it is also seen as a corruption and robbery of their god's dead brethren. It has moved from one place to the next, touching many different people on the asteroid. Some military personnel have even managed to get their hands on it at one time or another. It never seems to stay with one person for too long though.