tai-chi-chuan.gifCategory: Weapon
Size: The size of the practitioner
Weight: The weight of the practitioner
Value: Life lessons and skills

Baleshido is a martial art that seeks to teach both facilitation of spiritual enlightenment as well as hand to hand combat skills for the purposes of personal self defense. Baleshido is able to teach its fundamentals to any of the physicalities of the baleshi-dwelling species by starting with core concepts of balance, flexibility and the emptying of the mind so that one may be open to the will of the Balesh, with fighting techniques taught based on the individual's physique. Styles of baleshido often differ between the baleshi where it is taught, ranging in style and philosophy from soft styles focusing on health and meditation such as those practiced on Holistic Aberrant to harder styles with emphasis on combative application such as the fighting styles of Perturbant Valor and Incumbent Vanguard. Regardless of origin, all styles do ensure their students know humility, respect for all life and its protection.