Cdownload.jpgategory: Religious item, Baleshi
Size: Can vary. Generally the size of a golf ball, but can be the size of a car.
Weight: Varies as well. A few pounds for a golf ball sized amount.
Value: Very valuable in terms of uses, as well as spiritual value.

Bamergris is found in the stomach of the Baleshi, and is used in religious rites and ceremonies as well as for everyday worship. It is hard, dirt colored to black, and is chiseled off with a pick or a hammer. The small pebbles of it are then smashed and crushed to form a fine powder. This powder is applied to the skin of those dwelling inside the Baleshi as a symbolic act of becoming closer to the Baleshi. Scientists have also proposed that the Baleshi body views the Bamergris as non-threatening so it lessens the likelihood that those wearing it will find themselves attacked by the immune system of the Baleshi.

People have also reported that it makes a fine replacement for sugar and stops food cravings. It also seems to smell like a sweet tulip. People have speculated that it could be used to make expensive and high class perfumes, in the same way that ambergris from a whale is used.