sangot.JPGCategory: residential/weapon
Size: 14-18 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Value: Not much, unless you really need to harvest barleen

The barleen sickle is a farming implement found anywhere there is barleen to be harvested, and one of the few instances of metalwork readily available on the Baleshi. Consisting of a deeply curving blade on a short handle, the sickle's sharp inner edge is ideal for slicing through barleen and other plants. Some hold sentimental value to their sickles, having been passed down through generations of farmers. Despite its intended use as a farming tool, the outer edge of the sickle can be sharpened as well, creating a double-edged fighting tool that is exceptionally lethal in close-quarters. Farmers are often ready to use them in defense of their homesteads and even some styles of Baleshido train their students in the use of the barleen sickle as a weapon, particularly masters hailing from Verdant Harvester.