external image CH146_ON863_070.jpg?v=1423172600Category: Balesh, Clothing, Commercial
Size: various
Weight: 0.5-1.5 lbs
Value: common

Barleen is typically used for food, but many artisans and craftsmen enjoy finding alternative ways to use the material and create new items. Barleen is a fairly thick coarse material and must be worked and shredded and requires some manual labor to be stripped down to a usable material that is woven and sewn with. Outerwear is more common than inner-ware, since it is very coarse and itchy, though not all species care.

Outerwear such as jackets, vests, cloaks, and shawls are made, but shawls and cloak hybrids such as this have proven to be very much in fashion among many of the balesh species. They are designed to be loose and airy, revealing and easy to pull on and remove, which is very appealing to many species. There are many variations and colors.

It is common casual, alone clothing for any genders, especially females. Evocative dancers and others may also wear exclusively this type of clothing.