Category: Weapon/Antique
Size: 1'
Weight:10 lb
Value: Rare

Big BulletGun.png

Antique from the earliest days of human intergalactic travel, and even then only used by the most frugal of space traveler, the big bullet boasted one very large, very deadly bullet. Touted by Tenerly Galactic as the “Go to gun for alien hunting, fast and fun”, the weapon was intended as a low cost solution to ones largest of intergalactic troubles.

The weapon came under political fire after the first meeting between the Human Empire and the Intergalactic Council, with claims that the slogan and intended purpose of the weapon was ‘insensitive to the large-scale intergalactic ecosystem’, as well as ‘promotes an infantile worldview of the complexities of human-alien interactions’. A rebranding campaign sought to re-align the product under a defensive label with the slogan ‘always be prepared’. The weapon was forgot swiftly however, as the demographic of individuals wealthy enough to afford space exploration, but frugal enough to purchase a low cost weapon, was incredibly small.


The weapon was notorious for causing a multitude of injuries to its users. In nearly every instance of user, users report broken wrists, with some claiming to have ‘...lost most of [their] entire arm.’ The size and density of the large bullet, coupled with its experimental igniting agent, caused the unit to explode from a solid whack. Blastback in semi-rare cases would cause the unit to be propelled backwards, while the bullet remained relatively stationary, often leading to concussions or death for the user. Confirmed kills from the Big Bullet total only 323, all users of the product or innocent bystanders.

The weapon was pulled from markets and the remaining stock became high priced collectors items.