Name: Bron Thomas
Age: 43
Sex: M
Archetype: Guard
Location: Airport Watchtower
Affiliations: High class of Columbus
Disposition: Protect the people of Columbus

Character Background and Description
Bron is a very perceptive owner watch guard that is unemployed by the higher class on Columbus to keep them protected. Bron was never apart of the high class but he knew people on the inside that knew that Bron was one of the best shots in all of Columbus. Bron is Ex Military and has done many odd jobs that involved his what he calls his "Precise precision". He has over 400 confirmed kills after the apocalypse and is highly respected by all his peers. Even though Bron was employed by the higher class, he is greatly disgusted by them by observing the ways they act in sight of the watchtower he has been placed in. He sees them dealing new drugs they managed to create, raping girls cargo crafts on the airfield and Bron feels that he needs to do something about how the higher class treat things and what they get away with. Bron isn't know by many besides the higher class and the guards that protect Columbus, but he feels that he wants to divert his skills to a better cause rather than keeping a lookout for drug dealers and rapists. Bron comes from no family and has no family due to militia groups attacking his settlement for purified water. Ever since that incident Bron does not find a need to talk things out when he knows the truth of the situation and what it will come down to. Bron doesn't talk much but he knows what to say when it needs to be said.