Category: Transportation
Size: Bus sizedexternal image pict0029.jpg?asGalleryImage=true&token=Okj5dZWtIbcUdz%2B4LyW3vqiQ%2FDM%3D
Weight: About as much as a city bus
Value: Unique one of a kind

Years of wear and tear have severely damaged the outer shell of this transportation vehicle, only a faint “IX” can be read on the bus’s side. Don’t let the look of her fool you though, Machine Gun Tony (Anthony DeMacro) keeps this girl in good running condition. Tony, the head of “IX Transport”, uses this bus to transport anyone or anything. With the right price of course.

Bus number IX uses a special engine salvaged from the pre-apocalypse days that can turn water into a useable fuel. Tony himself isn’t fully sure on how it works, only that the current toxic nature of the water means that the toxins have to be scrubbed from the engine almost every day. Somehow, Tony has been pretty lucky when it comes time to draw straws on who gets to clean her, maybe too lucky. A funny quirk to this machine is that while it’s running it plays a singular song over and over again. Not even Tony can figure out how to make it stop.