Category: Artifact
Size: Varies (25" - 70")
Weight: Varies (50lbs to 200lbs)
Value: Common
external image old-television.jpg

A relic even by the standards of civilization a century ago. CRT television sets are a common sight in the slums of Columbus. They’re often found when you least expect them, in places where you would never imagine to expect them too. Historically, CRTs have been found buried beneath dead trees, lodged in walls of abandoned buildings, and even found in an extremely bizarre case of grave robbing.

While watching them proves to be all but impossible for the lower class, many have used them for aesthetic purposes. Across the slums, you can see gutted CTRs serving as windows or doors to let pets into buildings. Even more creative ventures have involved a plan at building boats, although these plans often sunk, along with the people brave enough to try them.