Name: Carly Snyder
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Archetype: laborer
Location: Garaway's House of Fortune, Various bars
Disposition: Crazy
Affiliations: Garaway's House of Fortune

Character Background and Description
Born into a low family full of sadness and neglect, Carly's upbringing left much to be desired. Her parents rarely cared for her, despondent in their own lives. Carly decided in her teenage years, that she never wanted to be like her parents, she never wanted to be sad. As soon as she could manage on her own, Carly moved out and found a job as a cocktail waitress at Garaway's House of Fortune. It was an easy job, and the patrons loved her, young, beautiful, long flowing hair, blessed with fair skin unblemished by boils, and ever the smile on her face. Her favorite regulars would often leave tips in the form of the different pills they found in their possession, all hoping to win her affection. But none of these gentlemen ever caught her interest. Carly had become obsessed with remaining happy and this came at an enormous internal cost. She realized that most other people were sad and she couldn't find someone she wanted to be with and not risk feeling sad when they did. This happiness became almost a facade, one that she had bought completely into. At times, she found it taxing to maintain this happiness. At first, the tips Carly received simply supplemented her pay, but over time she began to take the pills on these bad days, until after a short time, every single one found their way into her bloodstream. She was too young to be able to purchase the drugs at the time, but the tips were an easy way to get them into her hands. These pills kept her happy, and overtime, they became necessary for her to keep her spirits up. When she hit her 19th birthday, she celebrated being of the legal age for alcohol and drug consumption by going on a binge with some friends. This went on for two days, and afterwards, it became a self destructive habit. These binges continued into the next year and by age 20 she was regularly bouncing between bars as her mental stability further cracked. During one of her mind altered romps, she stumbled upon a poor man with a sullen look sitting on the side of the road. She wanted so much for him to be happy like she was, but everything she said seemed to sadden him further. She finally realized there was no consoling him and did the only thing she knew to stop him from being so sad. With his blood on her hands she walked back into the bar, cleaned up, and washed down another little blue pill with a swig of old beer.