lake houses.png
Category: Residential
Size: 1 Acre
Condition: Structurally sound buildings, well furnished interiors, the nicest housing complex in District 3
Inhabitants: The richest and most well-off members of District 3 (trade collective leaders, those who own carpentry shops, etc.)

As District 3's premiere residential neighborhood, the Centaurus Neighborhood is accessible on dry land only by its single bridge. Occupied by some of the richest persons in District 3 who value their privacy more than whatever they bartered to secure a house on the island, the houses in this neighborhood come with what amenities are available to those who can afford them. Often used for business discussions or secret meetings, these buildings are private, secure, and safe. The single bridge connecting the island to the rest of Columbus is guarded by three individuals on rotating 8 hour shifts, young men eager to prove to the inhabitants of the island that they have what it takes to become a member of their businesses. The moat surrounding this area is as toxic as the water in the rivers, preventing anyone from safely swimming to the island without a boat or sneaking past (or bribing) the guards.