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Category: Transportation
Size: Small sedan (cab), 36 ft (wingspan)
Weight: 1600 lbs (unloaded)
Value: Rare to find one in working condition

4-seater, single engine light passenger/cargo aircraft.

Range: 736.3 mi
Cruise speed: 140 mph
Engine power: 161 hp
Max takeoff weight: 2454 lbs

Based on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk (1956-1986), the Skyhark 172R was produced as a light passenger and trainer aircraft until the apocalypse crisis. Its air-cooled piston engine is simple to maintain, and due to its popularity spare engine parts are relatively easy to find. Only the most basic analog instruments remain functional, such as the compass. Other instruments, such as the altimeter and artificial horizon, have fallen out of alignment beyond repair, but most pilots rig up their own makeshift replacements. If properly stored and maintained, the airframe can last a long time. Some models have been outfitted with floats or skids rather than wheels. Skyhawks are most often used for trade with distant settlements, serving as the fastest long range vehicle. There have been several instances of Skyhawks being modified with weapon mounts.