2-1024x422.pngCategory: Lumen
Size: 100x100x50m
Condition: Well-kept
Inhabitants: Combatants


The UNSF Lumen is home to many recreational rooms including this one. Challenge Room 17, or ‘The Battlefield’ as many call it is one of the main places where the military’s popular VR battles take place. If you have an issue with another soldier or citizen, you can challenge them here to avoid messy violent confrontation. Betting, both virtual and physical, is common here and people will flock there in person even though the fights are generally broadcast across the ship's monitors.
Higher-ups in the UNSF know that the betting is happening, and even though it's technically illegal, they quietly allow it on grounds that it keeps people entertained. With low resources, little danger, and the temptation from fraternizing with the non-humans, anything that keeps them entertained is valuable.