Category: Transportation
Size: 16 hands/64 inches tall
Weight: 950 pounds
Value: expensive

This young stallion was named Cheese or Cheesy by a toddler who was the daughter of his first master. His color is chestnut, and he has a long white mark down the front of his face between his eyes and over his muzzle. Cheese is a high-strung fellow, and should only be approached by people who know what they’re doing with horses. If he is startled, he will rear or buck, and if in an open space, may run from people. If one does manage to gain his trust and mounts him, he has an amazingly smooth gait, especially when cantering. When trotting, he can be a bouncy ride and may be uncomfortable over long distances. He is also trained to jump over large objects, especially fallen trees. He has a phobia of water, though, and will turn away from streams and rivers unless his rider is calm with him and does not allow him to get wet.