Christopher Mueller Base.jpgName: Christopher Mueller
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Archetype: Artist
Location: His home (with his parents and brother) in the Centaurus Neighborhood, Hydro-Free Delights
Health: Good health
Affiliations: Hydro-Free Living, The Artists' Guild
Disposition: Uninhibited, boisterous, spoiled, hot-headed

Character Background and Description
Christopher Mueller has always been rich and in good health. His mother a doctor and father a businessman, he and his brother were always left to their own devices to do as they pleased. He was never good in school; he never respected his teachers, never did his homework, and never ever paid attention in class. When punished he would always sit in the corner and draw on the walls, occasionally yelling to show his unhappiness.

As he grew older, Christopher found one thing he was passionate about: art. He was constantly trying out different medium throughout the years, always finding his true love in charcoal. He believed (and still does) that his works were absolutely magnificent, the best things to ever be created. He would show his artwork to everybody, but was usually greeted with a laugh and an insult. This didn't bode well for anybody who reacted this way, however -- they were generally met with a quick punch square in the face.

Christopher has never really applied himself. While his brother started working with his father and following his footsteps to one day lead the company, Christopher holes himself away to do art. He decided that nobody understands him, but he knows he is a gift to humanit. His opinions are always correct, and anybody who said otherwise was greeted by shouting and temper tantrums. He believes water is underneath him and only a necessity for the poor and poor-hearted, leading him to join the Hydro-Free Living movement spearheaded by Annie Hayer (he can often be found at her bakery). He is a member of The Artist's Guild, but nobody there actually likes him or thinks he has any talent. He assumedly bought his way in with hefty donations, and is kept around for that reason alone.