Category: Transportation
Size: ~60' - ~9'
Weight: ~4 Tons
Value: Common

Circulatory Transport Pods


One of very few quality of life modifications made to Balesh internal ecosystems, Transport Pods,a component of the CTS, allow for quick local travel between settlements located inside the Balesh. Pods utilize the Balesh circulatory system, fitting snugly inside minor veins and using the Balesh heartbeat to propell the pod to its destination. Fitting up to 40 adult human sized individuals at once and capable of being strung together in a chain, pods allow for large amounts of Balesh inhabitants a fast commute during the busiest times.

Weighing about 4 tons empty at a length of roughly 60 feet, production and deployment of pods can become a tricky task. Often manufactured over time using components traded for and salvaged from space debris, there is no true standard for design, and safety is generally dependent on a variety of factors, such as material quality and builder experience.

Due to size variations and personal needs of the various species living aboard the Balesh, pods are often created to cater to a particular species specifically. Seating arrangements, size, as well as the pods overall design, can be modified to fit the needs of the intended species. While not at all necessary, it is considered proper to use one's species's own pod in times of traffic.