Category: Transportation
Size: Whale-Wide
Condition: Well Kept
Inhabitants: Workers, Riders

Circulatory Transportation System54461.jpg

The CTS, known generally as The Circ by Balesh inhabitants, is considered the single best way to travel within a Balesh. Brought about from the rising population and increased hustle and bustle introduced by the humans, the CTS intended to shorten the time it takes to get from place to place.

Utilizing pods, the system allows for rapid transport of upwards of 40 individuals per podload, with multiple pods increasing that number even more.

The entire track utilizes the Balesh circulatory system, employing a system of valves to cut bloodflow to small portions of minor veins for loading and unloading, and releasing the valves to send the pods on their way through the system. Veins are segmented out to allow for station stops along the length of the Balesh. Since the system’s inception, each Balesh has become home to a CTS. It takes roughly 5 minutes to travel from tip to tail on the Alpha Balesh.


Stations utilized a simplified design. Designated by signs depicting a red arrow, each station is composed of both an indoors and outdoors seating area. Riders wait for an incoming pod, which is captured in the segment of the vein designated as the station, before the blood surrounding the pos is filtered through a grate before the vein is allowed to open and let passengers off and on.

Stations can be found all around any Balesh, with more being situated in more urban environments. Certain Balesh only posses a single mainline, while others, such as the Alpha, possess a variety of different lines heading in different directions.