Category: Food (Military)
Size: One serving
Weight: Small
Value: Cheap

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A long-standing staple of human society for centuries, roasted and ground coffee beans are brewed in hot water and consumed as a hot beverage. Coffee is most often consumed with breakfast or late at night, principally due to its relatively high concentrations of caffeine. Although caffeine and other stimulants are available in higher concentrations, coffee is cheap and ubiquitous.

As boring as it may seem to the average human, coffee is foreign to the Baleshi ecosystem and the beverage's effects in non-humans is not well understood.

Effects on non-humans: Arorem tend to engage in erratic and unusual behavior under the influence of caffeine and regard it as dangerous. A group of Domoring have become infatuated with coffee after bartering for it with humans. One avant-garde Domoring restaurant/cafe has begun importing beans in significant quantities and mixing it with traditional dishes.

Effects on Baleshi Agriculture: Privately, Balesh residents have had various degrees of success in raising small crops of coffee (most likely due to inexperience). The conditions on Verdant Harvester induce invasive growth of coffee plants. Fortunately, all outcrops of coffee have been contained thus far.

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