external image Waterbear.jpg
Category: Balesh (manufacturing)
Size: 1.7 miles in length
Condition: Somewhat backed up
Inhabitants: Manufacturers, builders, families

Corpus Mason is the main manufacturing Baleshi of the pod. One of the most important reasons the space whales require symbiotes is that they have no way to dispose of their waste; it eventually backs up and floods their entire system. While each whale has a small crew to take care of it, Corpus Mason constantly produces an extreme amount of waste. The beings living inside have discovered the useful properties of this waste and have set up a large corporation around it.

The workers use large bins to capture the gray excretion as it falls from the walls, and it is then pumped into vats for future use. It can be condensed to form bricks, fill molds, etc., or mixed with water to create concrete. It's often used for furnishing and building in the more stable chambers of the space whales. Many builders have taken up residence in Corpus Mason for ease of access to their preferred materials. Things are then shipped to the capital whale for sale.