“Sheesh, you’d think the contact would be sharp if the meet is at 4:00 AM. It’s been almost thirty minutes and still no sign of him on the com or in sight.” Oemor nervously said to Korahym on his communicom before he visually scans the construction yard for anybody that may have entered. Looking through all the scaffolding, dusty tarps, and shadows Oemor finds himself still alone in this skeleton of an apartment complex.

“Maybe he saw your meeting spot and thought it wasn’t safe enough? Do you think this guy’s going to set you up? It’s pretty strange to get a call out of nowhere asking about the Cappina Family.” Korahym replies with a tone of worry.

“I set up this time and place for a reason, Korahym. Corpus Mason’s been building new living quarters for the nomads to stay and it just so happens I’m a superior on one of the early developments. So now I know this construction site like the back of my hand and have authority to access it whenever I want. We don’t start work for another 4 hours and civilian traffic is the lightest around this time, I see no reason to see this as unsafe.” Oemor pauses for a minute, pondering, before continuing his thoughts, “I know this can easily be one of the Cappina’s men and that this can go south really quick but, I’ve brought my mining chisel with the modifications I was telling you about. It can shoot and twice as bright if you know what I’m saying. I’ve overclocked the wattage on the power for some extra juice in each shot. This may be a candle that burns twice as fast but with how much power she’s outputting against some flesh, I’m not going to need it to be burning very long anyway.”


Korahym plays devil’s advocate and combats Oemor’s view with “What if it’s more than just one of them? You’ve heard the stories. Modded chisels under constant use like that have been known to take more than just your arm when they overcharge.”

“I know, Korahym. Slow and controlled single shots. A maximum number of shots fired before overcharge is eleven...right?

“Stop kidding Oemor you know it's eight. Eight shots no more, no less...well less in your case hopefully but, any more than that and you're just playing roulette with your life friend. Maybe with your mods the number could even be's risky Oemor.”

“Hahaha, you know I'm joking; I know what I’m doing. I also appreciate the concern Kora, if anything happens to me tonight I just wanted to make sure you know what to tell my parents when...” Oemor’s thought immediately comes to a halt after hearing the empty metal boom of a tumbling construction barrel somewhere over by entrance of the site. “I’ll call you in a bit. Tell the guards everything I told you if I don’t show up for work tomorrow. Bring all the files and upload them to the Etran Grand Library's archives. The people will find out what's really happening behind the curtain one way or another.” Oemor tells Korahym as he hangs up his communicom to go investigate the noise.

Oemor tries to communicate with who he assumes is his contact. “Vas…..Vas? Over the com you said it’s Vas but I’m starting to wonder if that’s even you’re real nam..” Oemor’s yelling was quickly interrupted by two consecutive sonic powered rail shots hitting the concrete pillar next to his head which makes him quickly get behind some construction supplies to give him some decent cover. “Fucking christ, the whistling noise of those rail rounds are gonna make my ears bleed!” The shots we’re powerful enough to crack the pillar enough to crumble the concrete on impact. Oemor suspects that the shooter is shooting with the intent to kill. “Fucker gets me up at four in the morning..” cocks the chisel slide back “...keeps me waiting...” turns on the chisel’s charge “...just to make my ears bleed.” ...and peaks over the construction supplies and fires one charged chisel blast in the direction of the gunfire, cutting through layers of construction equipment and concrete pillars that the shooter may have taken cover behind. “How’d that taste you twa..” and Oemor’s boasting is met with a retort of sonic rail fire whizzing right by his head yet again. “Cheese & rice, I can’t get a beat on this guy. Especially in this darkness.” Oemor said to himself with shaking voice.

“SHUT UP!” is yelled throughout the construction site which echoes over the gunfire. Oemor is startled and slightly aggravated at the fact that the shooter is starting to verbally taunt him.


“YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP..” Oemor said confidently but with confusion in his tone since the exchange of bullets changed to words.


“NO, YOU FUCK. HE KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE FROM TALK…” is yelled but is left unfinished at the start of rail fire being fired in the yell’s general direction. Silence is met for a moment until responding gunfire is shot in the direction of the rail shooter's direction.

“There’s someone else here?” Oemor whispers to himself in uncertainty. He’s is conflicted whether he should trust this voice but at this point Oemor sees no straws to grasp and goes with his gut. Oemor takes note that the rail fire was coming from the right and helpful but the helpful voice coming from the left. Even though Oemor could be setting himself up for both targets to attack him at once, Oemor yells into the darkness “I got right, keep left.” to the other voice so they can converge on the rail fire from both ends so the target can’t escape.

As Oemor bounces between cover to cover in attempt to get closer to the suspected area of rail fire. As he shoots one more chisel blast for suppressing fire he hears a extra loud yell from the left warning “GET DOWN, DON’T LET THE GAS IN YOUR LUNGS OR EYES!”. Turning his head towards the left, Oemor mid head turn notices this glowing spherical glob of goop flying through the air headed in the direction of the rail fire. It lands just behind the suspected cover of the rail shooter and explodes in a gassy mist that slowly starts to spread through the air. The gas is thick, Oemor couldn’t see anything through it until a human figure emerges from the cloud, haphazardly waving his arms about in attempt to clear the gas from his vicinity. The human rail shooter is coughing uncontrollably while trying to grasp for air. Tears coming from his bloodshot eyes start to turn into blood as its falling down his peeling face. His eyes still work though as he locks eyes with the closest thing to him. Oemor. The shooter’s agony filled screams sends a chilling echo throughout the construction site and its occupants. The shooter raises his sonic rail shooter as a last stand effort to kill his target. The shooter fires off an array of bullets that create a high-pitched screech shriek almost matching his screams. Oemor being slightly petrified reacts slowly but manages to exchange two chisel blasts in the shooter’s direction before taking cover behind some tarp covered scaffolding. In a brief moment of silence Oemor ponders if the chisel blasts took out the shooter but quickly finds the answer to his question with a sonic rail round piercing through his cover entering the back lower-left of his leg. Oemor immediately falls to the floor. Groaning in immense pain, Oemor rolls over on his side and fires back three chisel blasts towards the shooter. The cover Oemor was using and a couple concrete pillars infront of it collapsed under all the damage those three chisel blasts caused and kick up a dusty cloud that impaired Omero's vision of seeing if the shooter was alive. The chisel starts to sizzle from overheating in Oemors hands and he slides it in-front of him in fear of overcharging. “Has it been six shots all ready, thought I was counting?” He shows no sign of worrisome since he comes to the belief the shooter has been handled. This what shortly disproved when the shooter, barely alive but very motivated, moves the rubble on top of him and starts to make his way to get to Oemor with steady pace.

“Oh shit..” Oemor says nervously as he is pushing himself back until he is stopped by a pillar at the edge of this building's scaffolding. “It’s the first floor but we’re a few hundred feet up, so let us keep heights out of my death, huh? Baleshi floor isn't so squishy as people think.” Oemor said jokingly to the shooter but only to be responded with silence. “...I was thinking I do natural causes instead, what do you think?” No retort. Not even a smirk from the shooter, but with the scarring that glob nade did to his skin Oemor wouldn’t be laughing either. “Jeez, lighten up buddy, you won. It's a rail round, ya got me.”

Rail rounds are excruciatingly painful. Upon impact rail rounds are still moving even after entering the target. The bullet is military grade, serrated, and contains a mechanism inside itself that rotates the bullet causing to dig deeper. But Omeor noticed the shooter looked weaponless emerging from the rubble. Getting closer to Oemor, he picks up the mining chisel that was tossed in desperation to kill Oemor but, overlooks the fact that the mining chisel is about to overcharge. Oemor hears the sizzling of the shooter's hand as it tightens around the mining chisel's grip.

“Whoa buddy, put that down...” Oemor warns the shooter with a tremble in his voice.

The shooter cocks the chisel’s slide back...

"...I'm warning you, this is gonna end badly for the both of us..."

...the shooter then turns the pack on again for one last shot.

“..hey there, you stupid or somethi…” and in one quick second, the trigger was pulled which then caused the pack to overcharge and burst. It was a hair trigger too, so Oemor didn’t blame the shooter for pulling it if it was an accident, probably pulled by itself honestly. But what mattered now at the moment was what Oemor felt when the trigger was pulled which was a warm, but painful push that exerted him past the scaffolding's edge forcing him to hang on with only one of his hands to hold him up.

“That dumb son of a bitch…” Oemor exclaims in a distasteful tone as he looks down to his potential death. “..I said no heights.”

“Oemor!” Is yelled by the ledge by Oemor can’t seem to see who it is. A machento hand grabs onto Oemors just barely before Oemor’s grip is about to go. The Machento grabs on but is struggling to get Oemor’s other hand. “Give me your hand!” the Machento yells.

“Screw you, how am I supposed to trust you? You just want to know where I hid the proof.” Oemor yelled sternly over the high winds.

“I’m Vas, your contact. Vasso Gra’al is my full name and I’m working for the Fortifus Guild. We believe you have solid proof that can validate our hunches on the corruption that is spreading through these nine forms. The Cappina’s been selling a certain kind of barleen that is causing the random deaths that are occurring in the Circulatory Transport System. Makes the transport saliva a little bit less viscous and the impact for the transporter is a little less then soft. Even the Bamergris is being tainted, making the whales immune systems digest specific targets. Killing them and covering it up as natural accidents. It all makes sense with these recent deaths we've been having. I see it, you see it, and with the proof you have can get the support we need. But we need you alive Oemor. You like livin’ right? Let's fight this disease together.”

Omero hearing all that info but to have only half of it actually being listened too; the other half listening to the ringing in his ears from the countless rail rounds whizzing by his ears and his chisel charge overcharging, hundreds of feet separating him from his death, having his failing grip in a demanding stranger's hands as the only option of surviving this endeavor, hands Vasso his other arm and respectfully replies, "Pull me the fuck up already."