A herd of cucumbers

Size:5" - 8"
Weight: 1/2 lb - 1lb
Value: Common in the Overgrowth


Found in the Overgrowth, the cucumber is extremely common. While the skin of the fruit has yellowed and their average size has increased slightly over old-world variants, Cucumbers have remained mostly identical to their old-world counterpart, and can be found swinging from the tops of trees and dancing behind you when you’re not looking. On warm summer days, not too hot and not too cold, they can be found lying in patches of sunlight whistling simple tunes. Their chattering can be heard amongst the brush at night if you listen closely. While shy and quick to flee, one may win their trust with a gentle cooing or a melody played from a plastic recorder. They are known to lead travelers to sources of clean water if followed.

Crunchy, green flavored, capable of screaming, and cause slight psychotropic effects and comas.