Name: David O'Connorexternal image 8151785.png?154
Age: 36
Sex: male
Archetype: priest
Location: Good Words Fellowship
Affiliations: Priesthood
Disposition: Dramatic

Character Background and Description
David O'Connor was born to wealthy white and Hispanic parents in the wealthy district. However, when David was six, it was determined that he might be a carrier of the disease, so his parents did not hesitate to drop him off at the Good Words Fellowship, where the priests agreed to raise him with a hefty donation of water rations. David never forgot his parents' indifference to his plight. He was raised in the priesthood, learning to worship the upper classes blessed with their pure blood and caring for the needy. Throughout the years, David has begun secretly amassing supporters in favor of usurping the upper classes. In secret, he has begun to preach the worthiness of those put down by the upper class, bringing an unexpected influx of new parishioners to the fellowship, much to the surprise of his fellow priests. He and his supporters have begun amassing weapons and supplies in the basement of the fellowship to prepare a coup against the vigilante airport mercenaries and the rich that they protect. Despite being a priest, David does not believe in a higher power; only his power that he has aggregated due to his own intelligence. David wishes to take revenge on those above him, especially his parents, who abandoned him due to his inferior genetics. His ego has also inflated over time due to his following, and he envisions himself as the new king of the river, doling out water to whomever he believes is worthy of it. Despite his hatred for the rich, he also despises the infected, whom he thinks are unclean.