Veins of the baleshi transport network stretched out before Harley Redlin. From her position near the top of Primarch, she could just discern the various districts and organs that spanned the insides of this massive creature. By her side crouched the vat-boy, designated 'Ares' for their mission. He gave her the shivers. Harley had tried to get one of her own soldiers to be assigned to the mission roster instead, but Command wouldn't budge on the issue. “The stakes are too great.” they had said, all solemnly nodding in unison, “Nothing but our best will do.”

So here they were. Hidden away in one of the many fleshy ridges scattered across the vaulted ceiling of the balesh; their breach ship having withdrawn itself from Primarch's hide roughly two hours back. Two long, silent hours, with one person who was never really all that good with their social skills, and the other who just never had them programmed in.

As she looked out, the pack on Harley's back tugged insistently at her mind. Even now, she could still feel the mechanism humming quietly within, but try as she might, the sensation couldn't be forced from her head. Debriefing had made their mission clear. The pair were to reach their target location undetected, and then plant the device anywhere that was connected directly to the balesh. The 'how' of the mission had been explained to her in excruciating precise detail, but the 'why' was distinctly left out. Ares might have been used to that sort of thing, but Harley's rank had made her accustomed to a certain level of disclosure. No one was talking however. The only things she knew for certain was that this mission was important enough to give it to her, and the whole thing might go south enough to warrant taking the vat-boy along. Neither fact did much to help her nerves.

A tap on her leg startled the captain out of her thoughts, and she looked over to see Ares pointing to his watch. Their mission was about to begin.

Just then, waves of massive distortion began emanating from different points all throughout the city below. Harley nodded to herself. Gravitational fluxes. They were nothing all that dangerous, but the disturbances served as brilliant distractions. Already, cries of confused panic could be heard rising up from the affected regions.

Wasting no time, both her and Ares activated their suits' visual cloaking and dove off from the perch. The artificial gravity generated by these creatures was nothing compared to standard Federation levels, but a fall from their current height would still yield some broken bones. Well, for her at least. Nevertheless, this was part of their plan, and had been accounted for.

Just a few meters from impact, the suits' one-shot grav cores spun up and flipped their wearers' gravitational orientations. Harley felt a wave of harsh vertigo overtake her mind, and tensed her whole body. It might have taken all her training to keep yesterday's rations down in her stomach, but as the pair touched down and the cores burnt out, the captain was off and running like a pro.

Keeping to the shadows, the two soldiers darted from building to building, slowly but surely making their way towards the target point. Unfortunately for Harley, stealth was never her strong suit, and she came close to being discovered on several occasions. But Federation tech is nothing to scoff at, and it more than made up for her shortcomings. A misplaced foot became fleshy street. An exposed knee was rendered transparent. And muffled curse became nothing at all. The captain would have been impressed, if it wasn't her mistakes the suit had been masking.

It took some time, and a risky sprint along the edges of the marketplace, but they managed to reach their destination undetected. Before them, a tall dome-shaped building towered overhead. This wasn’t made of flesh, but instead a hard, concrete-like substance. Perhaps taken from the masonry balesh? Harley’s debriefing hadn’t extended far past Primarch, but there were bits and pieces she had picked up on her rare visits to Garago.