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Category: Civic.
Size: Property is about 1 city block, the building itself is about a quarter the size of the property.
Condition: All walls are still standing, the building is still structurally sound, but windows are boarded up and have obvious signs of disrepair.
Inhabitants: Community volunteers assisting with the distribution of water.

When District 5 receives it's crates of rationed water supply, it's brought here to be distributed among the community of District 5. As a former church, the building consists of a main front entrance (along 17th Ave), and administrative offices in the back (near 16th Ave). The water is transported into the administrative section, where individuals can pick up their rationed water supply. Those waiting to get their rations wait in the pulpit of the church. This building was chosen as the distribution center for District 5 because of it's relative proximity to 12th Ave (the main trade route for District 5) and because it's made of brick. Due to the shortage of water, buildings made of brick (or other non-flammable materials) are highly valuable due to how unlikely it will catch fire (since there isn't clean water available to be wasted on putting out fires, or to risk spraying on civilians to save a building).

When not being used as a distribution center, this building also serves as a community center for individuals and groups to host events and meetings.