Category: Commercial
Size: Size of an old mansion
Condition: Well kept
Inhabitants: Doctors, apprentices, up to 25 of eachdoctors guild.jpg

A long established organization in Columbus, the doctor's guild is a gathering place for the many healers of the town. While it began long ago as the home of a prominent doctor, after the hydroplague spread he dedicated it to the pedagogy and practice of medicine. Now it has become a busy hub for the doctors, acting not only as a place to restock and rest, but a place to learn from the vast store of knowledge held within it's library. While a very small portion is open to the public for medical emergencies, most of the building is private to the guild and the doctors and their various apprentices will go out to see their patients on a scheduled basis. While parts of the town may be in ruin, the guild is always very well kept to preserve the history of the building and the many medical tools and books stored inside. Becoming an apprentice is a rare occurrence, but if you find yourself within its walls, you become one of the select few qualified to heal this broken town.